Corporate Responsibility

Our Corporate Responsibility purpose is to

Act responsibly in all that we do, not only in our commercial activities but beyond these, to support our stakeholders including the communities which we work in.  Our responsible behaviour underpins our business ethics, enhances our relationships with our customers and motivates our people.  This results in a better and more sustainable business.

Embedding Corporate Responsibility into our operational activities makes us a more efficient organisation by reducing operational costs, creating a more engaged and diverse workforce, producing development opportunities and building closer links within our communities.

By engaging with our stakeholders, identifying the social and environmental impact of our business and responding to them supports the creation of a financially stable business. This benefits us and our clients by allowing them to build opportunities and reduce risks to creative competitive advantage.

We are committed to acting in a responsible manner to ensure that we:

  • Treat our people with dignity and respect
  • Commit to equality of opportunity for all
  • Consider our economic, social and environmental impacts and encourage our people to adopt responsible behaviours
  • Inspire and develop our people to ensure that we deliver for our customers and support our local community
  • Act in a balanced and measurable way